Health Benefits Of Wearing Silver Jewelleries

Health Benefits Of Wearing Silver Jewelleries

Health Benefits Of Wearing Silver Jewelleries

Sterling Silver Jewelleries

Silver jewelleries are increasingly popular as a fashion statement piece to compliment your daily looks.  They are sophisticated jewelleries that are easy to wear and portrays exquisite. Many do not know that these bejewelled pieces do have its health benefits to the wearer.

Strong antimicrobial agent

Silver acts as a powerful antimicrobial agent that fights infections. It also aids in cold and flu prevention. Proven by scientists, Silver has some potent effects on microorganisms and harmful bacteria. It is capable of fighting against harmful infection and disease. Silver has been used in the process of sterilization and antibiotic for decades. It helps expand blood vessels to be elastic, thus making it possible for a fast formation of bones and healing of wounds to even bruises. This is by growing new layers of skin back for wounds.

Fights toxic substances

Silver has a chemical property that reacts to toxicity by changing its’ colour when exposed, based on the different levels of toxicity. For example, the colour will change from silver to blue when worn for a long period of time to show the increased sodium levels in your body. This serves as a form of reminder to stay away from salted snacks. It is the most natural and easiest method to check toxicity of substances. It helps us to avoid any harmful material upon contact.

Ease circulation

Silver also boosts internal body heat regulation and circulation. Studies shows that wearing silver helped individuals to balance their mood. This health benefit is derived from its electrical and thermal conductivity. Its’ natural base deflects electrical disturbances around, balancing body temperature and general well-being. Silver maintains your immunity to protect you against harsh impacts such as when using laptops or other electric devices against electromagnetic radiations.

Silver contains positively charged ions which creates a conductive field. This field acts as a shield and prevent electromagnetic radiation from entering the body. The field is beneficial in regulating and maintaining the body’s natural electric flow.

When will wearing silver benefits you the most?

If your immune system is weak, it is recommended to wear silver the most due to its’ ability in avoiding toxins. When your body faces a particularly challenging environment such as travelling, toxic urban surroundings, hyper-connected office spaces or when facing extreme exposures to germs and electronics, silver will significantly improve comfort, energy, and immunity.

It has been reported by many that they are able to sleep better when wearing silver such as eye-masks due to the colling effect that it provides, together with the softness. Wearing silver during the day can also balance out your energy levels and moods.


With all these benefits of wearing silver jewelry, it is highly encouraged for you to own one with our alluring and dainty silver pieces. This not only helps with your health but also upgrade your attention-inducing jewelry collection. Sterling silver unleash feminity aesthetics which empowers you to be a woman of eternal and internal strength and charm. Explore our vast collection of silver jewelry on our website or visit any of our stores for more spoiled choices.