Frequently Asked Questions 
(Piercing Service)

Before Piercing

Do you pierce for individuals below 16?
Yes if the individual is accompanied by a parent/ legal guardian or has obtained a parental written consent.
Do you pierce for infants?
We pierce for infants above the age of 2 months old. Feel free to consult any Stellar Piercing Technicians to ensure your child is ready for a safe ear piercing procedure.
Do you pierce two ear lobes simultaneously?
Walk-in customers will likely get their ears pierce one after another. For simultaneous piercings, kindly indicate your preference when making an appointment here.
Which part of the ear do you pierce?
As all ears are shaped differently, feel free to consult any Stellar Piercing Technicians on your best piercing position.

piercing part

What kind of piercing studs can I choose from?
Stellar offers Singapore’s most premium piercing studs materials including solid 18K, 14K gold and medical-grade titanium. We have designs that cater for infants, schooling children and individuals with thick or thin ear lobes. Visit any Stellar store to check out the latest seasonal designs.
How much does the piercing cost?
Piercing service is complimentary with any purchase of our piercing studs.
Different earrings have different price depending on the designs and material. We recommend you to visit or call any of your nearest outlet for price enquiries.
I have a medical condition (e.g. diabetes, keloid, pregnancy-related issues), can I still have my ears pierced?
Please consult your doctor to obtain a written consent before doing the ear piercing.
I used to have a medical condition but I don't have it now. Can I still pierce my ears?
Please consult your doctor before doing the piercing. We suggest you to choose from our Gold range piercing studs and acknowledge any risks involved beforehand.
My previous piercings have closed, but I felt something when I touch my earlobes, can I do a re-pierce?
What you may have felt could be a scar tissue or cyst. Kindly consult any Stellar Piercing Technicians to examine your earlobes to ensure you are ready for a safe ear piercing.
My previous piercings have closed, can I still re-pierce?
Yes. Once your previous piercings have closed, we are able to do the piercing.
What are the types of piercings do you do?
The available piercing services are as follows:
- Ear Lobe
- Cartilage/Helix
- Re-piercing

During Piercing

Is it painful?
Not at all, because Stellar Piercing Technicians are trained to use the perfect amount of hand pressure and an accurate angle to gently pierce on earlobes of different shapes and thickness, making it a virtually painless experience.
Is it safe?
Our piercing stations and tools are sterilised daily with a strict routine. Our piercing studs which will come into contact with your earlobes are vacuumed packed and are enclosed inside disposable cartridges to ensure a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. Besides the hygiene aspects, all Stellar Piercing Technicians are certified upon graduating from their intensive training course to ensure your piercing experience is safe and professional.
What should I be expecting during the ear piercing procedure?
1. CLEANSE: We will first clean your earlobes
2. MARK: We will then mark your piercing position
3. PIERCE: Once you have agreed on the position, we will perform the piercing
Do you use a piercing gun or needle?
Our advanced piercing instrument is a tool that is operated by hand-pressure. Unlike spring-loaded piercing guns, our piercing instrument allows the Stellar Piercing Technicians to gently pierce on your delicate earlobes with minimal sound and impact.

After Piercing

How long do I need to keep the piercing studs on?
The initial healing period takes 2 months (for ear lobe piercing), and 3 months (for helix piercing) before you can replace the piercing studs. We do encourage you to keep your earrings on for 24/7 during the first year, following your ear piercing.

You may switch your piercing studs to Stellar’s hypoallergenic earrings after the initial healing period. Do avoid frequent changes of ear studs during the first year of piercing.
How long does it actually take for my ear piercings to be fully seasoned?
It depends on the individual’s skin, but most people would take up to 1 year to have their ear piercings fully healed and seasoned.

During the initial stage of healing, your skin will start to form around the ear studs, creating an ear hole. Rough handling on the ear piercing (e.g. pulling, putting pressure on piercing) will irritate the new delicate skin that will result in a delay of healing.

Do follow Stellar’s Aftercare Routine diligently to ensure a quick healing period.
How do I know when my ear piercings have fully healed and seasoned?
It usually takes about 1 year. When your ear piercings are fully seasoned, you should not see any signs of redness, swelling, white crusts or yellow liquids around your piercing site.

To assess your piercing progress, check it with our Piercing Checker.
What is the aftercare procedure?
Every pair of piercing studs comes with a FREE aftercare lotion Place one drop of the lotion at the front and back of the piercing, and gently rotate the stud one round from the behind.

We will provide you with more aftercare steps and measures after your ear piercing procedure.
Can I use alcohol to clean my ear piercings?
Alcohol has a strong anti-bacterial content that causes dry skin and kills the good bacteria that is needed for your healing. We recommend you to use Stellar Aftercare Lotion that is alcohol-free to support your healing, as it is gentle on the skin.
Can I swim after piercing?
Avoid swimming on the first week after your ear piercing.

If your child has weekly swimming lessons, do plan to get the piercings done after the lesson so that your child will be ready to swim by the following week.
What should I avoid after piercing?
No swimming and No seafood for the first week after piercing.
Should I remove my studs before I shower or sleep?
You must not remove your piercing studs during the initial healing period. Keep your ear studs on 24/7 in the first year from piercing to prevent closure of piercing.


Do you enlarge ear piercings or fix ripped earlobes?
We do not provide such services.
Can you help me pierce with my own ear studs?
We are unable to do so because our piercing studs are enclosed inside disposable cartridges that will only fit in our piercing tool. Therefore we are unable to fit your personal ear studs into our tool.
Is the price for Helix piercing different?
No, we only charge you for the earrings. Piercing service for Ear lobe or Cartilage/Helix is complimentary with any purchase of our piercing studs.
Can I use my own numbing spray?
No. We will be using our localised anesthesia spray to numb your ears before conducting the piercing.
Who will be doing my piercing?
Our Piercing Technicians are experienced and have done more than 10,000 piercings annually. Do let your Technicians know if you have any enquiries or concerns.
What is the difference between Stellar and any other outlets?
Stellar provides you comfort and emphasize safety for all our customers. We are the No.1 Ear Piercing brand that caters to all ages above 2 months old. Our piercing studs comes with a round-cap backing that prevents exposure of piercing needle for comfort. At Stellar, we wish to provide you with the best ear piercing experience.
How to remove my piercing earrings?
You may remove the piercing earring:

1) Sanitise your hands

2) Hold by pinching the front stud using 1 hand and hold the backing with the other hand

3) Rest your wrist against each other for added support

4) Without moving the front stud, hold the front stud firmly in place while gently pulling the backing backwards and the earring will open

5) DO NOT pull the front stud and backing in opposite direction at the same time, the front is supposed to remain stationary in your piercing even when you remove the backing (this will prevent accidentally scratching inside your piercing by the needle tip)

6) Gently slide the front stud straight out

7) Clean your piercing earring with soap free detergent or wipe it down with an alcohol swab

8) Quickly put your piercing earring back on or wear only hypoallergenic ear jewellery

9) Always put on a earring 24/7 during the first year of your piercing to prevent closure of piercing

10) Observe your piercing in the next 3-5 days as irritation may occur, seek advice from your piercer immediately if you encounter the following (e.g. swelling, itching, yellowish liquid exiting from piercing)

Frequently Asked Questions
(Silver & Online orders)


What type of silver jewelleries do you have?

We have the different silver jewelleries such as:

Silver Necklaces
Silver Earrings
Silver Bracelets

Silver Rings

We also have silver jewelleries specially for kids.

Can I shower or swim with it?

Yes. However to ensure long-lasting shine, it is better to remove the jewellery before shower/ swimming.

Can I sleep with it?

Yes for selective products only. For products that are not able to bend such as certain silver necklaces, please do not sleep with it.

I notice a colour change on my silver, what can I do?

What you may notice is tarnishing of the jewellery. Tarnishing depends on climate where it will tarnish faster if the surrounding is more humid, pH level of skin and exposure to chemicals. (e.g. pool water, body moisturiser)

To take care of your jewellery, we do sell Silver Polish products such as the Silver Dip solution, Jewellery Dip solution and Jewellery Spray by TownTalk in stores and on our wesbite.

Do you provide polishing service?

We do not provide any polishing service but we do have silver polish products for sale in stores and on our website.

Do you provide repair service?

If your item (except earrings) is defective during the first 14 days from your purchase, you can exchange or return. Please refer to our Exchange or Return Policy.
If you have receipt of your purchase, we will examine the extent of damage and send for repair which may incur additional repair charges.

Can I exchange or refund?

Due to hygiene reasons, we do not accept exchanges or returns unless the item you had purchased is found defective within 14 days from the date of your purchase. This applies to all Silver jewelleries except Silver earrings.

Strictly no exchanges or returns are allowed for Silver earrings. Please kindly check your purchases carefully upon receipt.

For all other Silver jewelleries:

For Returns: If you had received a defective item within 14 days from the date of your purchase, please email us immediately at with details of the product defects, photographs of the defects and proof of your purchase. Please allow up to 7 working days from the date of your email, for us to examine and follow-up on the matter. If you are entitled to a replacement or refund, we will replace the product or refund the purchase price using Stellar's shopping voucher.

For Exchanges: You will only be entitled for an exchange within 14 days from the date of your purchase, provided that the item is still under the exchange norms and in sellable condition (intact packaging and original tags, unopened and unused).

Thank you for your understanding.

How to take care of my silver jewellery?

- Remove during shower or swimming for long-lasting shine
- Avoid direct contact with alcohol or chemicals like perfume, hairspray...etc
- When not wearing, clean with water, dry and seal inside zip-lock away from direct heat/sunlight


What shipping methods are available?

The following shipping methods are available;
Local Registered postage ($5)

How long will it take to get my package?

For Local Registered postage, it will take approximately 5 to 6 working days.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all credit card payments.

Can I self-collect my items in store?

This option is currently unavailable.

I did not receive my order confirmation email/items!

We apologise for the inconvenience. Kindly email to, along with your order number or invoice number.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we do ship overseas! All our products are available for shipping except those that has liquid content.

Do take note that in-country tracking is unavailable for all shipping destinations.

Additional taxes may apply to some shipping destinations, on top of the shipping fee and total product price.

Where does it apply?

The "Site" refers to Stellar website ( and this Privacy Policy will apply to all activities taking place on this Site and/or when you have voluntarily shared your personal information by any means. By visiting this Site and/or using the products and services made available to you on this Site, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

What information is involved?

How is the information utilised?

What rights you have over your data

Age of Consent

Questions & Contact Information


Due to hygiene reasons, we do not accept exchanges or returns unless the item you had purchased is found defective within 15 days from the date of your purchase on this Site. Kindly check your purchases carefully upon receipt. If you receive a defective item, please email us immediately at with details of the product defects, photographs of the defects and a proof of your purchase.

Upon receipt of your email, we will fully examine the issue and notify you via e-mail, whether you are entitled to a refund or a replacement as a result of the defect. Please allow us a minimum of 7 working days from the receipt date of your email to follow-up on the status of your inquiry. If you are entitled to a replacement or refund, we will replace the product or refund the purchase price, using our Site's shopping voucher.

Only regular priced items may be refunded or exchanged. Sale items or any items sold during promotions are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Eligible items to be exchanged or returned should be in original condition, along with the original packaging.

Exchange, Returns & Refunds


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