Tips on extra care for your ear piercings!

Tips on extra care for your ear piercings!

Earlobes and helix piercing are the most ubiquitous piercings. Many young children would have their ears pierced for a variety of reasons, commonly for styling purposes. Hence it is very important to keep the piercing area clean and uninfected. Here are a few tips you could follow to better care for those ear piercings. 

Washing hands before touching ear piercings

Since we use our hands for everything, they will always be contaminated with germs. Hence before touching your ear piercings, we should wash our hands well to avoid the transferring of germs. This way, ear infections and potential stretching can be prevented. Especially for those with newly pierced ears, it is best to not touch your ears and only during cleansing. 

Removing earrings before shower

There are many benefits to remove earrings before taking a shower. One of them is that it is a good practice to wash our earlobes regularly and properly, except for newly pierced earrings. When the earrings are off, you can gently clean the interior of the earlobes. Also, some earrings could get damaged when getting in contact with liquid. At Stellar, our sensitive earrings could be used in showers as they are made of the highest quality of Surgical steel. 

Identifying the materials of your earrings

The last and most important tip to care for your ears is to know what it is made of! The use of quality earrings such as real gold and medical grade materials could reduce the risk of infection, ear swelling and allergic reaction. Our products such as the Stellar Sensitive and Stellar Kids are hypoallergenic. They are nickel-safe and nickel-free respectively which eliminate the risks for sensitive skin types. Though some earrings may look appealing with low prices, ensure to check its material before wearing them!