Tips to choose earrings suitable for you

Tips to choose earrings suitable for you

Earrings that Matches You

Unsure what fits you? We got you.

Earrings comes in all forms and shapes. Wondering which earrings fits you best?

Here are some useful tips for you to find out earrings style that matches you!



Match your Earrings with the shape of your face.

Depending on your face shape and size, it will determine the type of earrings that looks best and stands out.



Determine your earrings to suit daily lifestyle activities.

It is important to know the type of activities that you will be doing for the day. This also depends on your occupation and occasion of the day. If you are a working woman, you would want to be more conservative in your workplace without going too excessive. Silver thin and small hoop rings can never go wrong with any outfit. It gives off a classy and professional look. Daily basic studs like our Sweet Butterfly Blink earrings with cubic zirconia gemstone can also match your office workwear.



Ever had to rush off to an important dinner after work? Rush hour may be slowing you down so it’s best to wear a dainty earring that is easy to wear and still caught attention. Our 925 Sterling Silver Long Loop Earrings are perfect for such occasions as the Cubic Zirconia adds a sparkly feel to the whole look



For normal daily wear for activities that requires minimal strength, you can wear our Stellar Sensitive Birthstone series in the mini size. It comes in different gemstone colours. These earrings are hypoallergenic, which reduces the likeliness of an allergic reaction. You can also consider the other Stellar Sensitive series like Floral and Astronomy if you prefer earrings with designs.  



Your undertone matters.

First off, identify your undertone colour. There are 3 main undertones – warm, cool and neutral. Based on the undertones, it determines the season that you are.

  • Cool tone: summer or winter person
  • Dark tone: spring or autumn person

For warm undertones, match it with yellow, rose gold or gold earrings. For cool undertones, match it with silver earrings. We have a range of silver earrings to recommend. The Dangling Earring Hook is a beautiful statement piece that can suit your cool undertone.


Now that you have understand which earrings fits you best, it’s time for some shopping! Browse through our exclusive Sterling Silver earrings or Stellar Sensitive range earrings to find the design that fits you best here!