Technicians in Action

Our technicians are experienced and has fulfilled more than 10,000 piercings annually, for all ages. We specialise in kids ear piercing with parents rating us as the #No.1 ear piercing in Singapore. We trained our staff with dedication and they are always eager to learn. We ensure a smooth and virtually painless experience for each customer. You can always talk to our technicians on how to style your earrings, we will be glad to help you along the way.

A Virtually Painless Experience

Stellar is known to give you the best ear piercing experience as we pledge to give you a fast and easy ear piercing experience with ease. Thus, we use an unique piercing instrument which is safe and gentle on the ears. It is advanced and gently operated by hand pressure, with almost no sound. We ensure that your piercings are safe and sterile with the use of disposable earring cartridges.

Types of Piercings

Ear Piercing

Customise your Ear Piercing according to your preferences. Talk to any of our technicians on how to style it.

Nose Piercing

If you require 2 technicians for simultaneous piercings, please kindly book an appointment online or call any one of your nearest outlet to check on the availability. For more enquiries, do refer to our FAQs. Thank you. **Nose Piercing is only available at Wisma Atria outlet, kindly call to book an appointment beforehand to check availability.

The ULTIMATE Ear Piercing Guide

  • No more worries
  • Fast and Easy
  • Safe and Comfort
  • Beautiful Ears 
  • For any age above 2 months old 
  • Ready Technicians 

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