{% assign product = all_products['ear-piercing-appointment'] %} {% if product %} Piercing Gallery check_circle   Virtually Painless check_circle   As young as 2 months old check_circle   Hypoallergenic Earrings star star star star star   Over 10,000+ piercings done yearly {% else %} No products found. Please add some products to your store first. {% endif %} thumb_up   #No.1 Ear Piercing in Singapore home   Hygienic & Comfortable Piercing Environment accessibility_new   Kids Friendly Technicians Kids Adults Men Happy Customers format_quote   "My sister pierced her ears here, she was really happy with the service and the follow-up care offered :)" star star star star star   Colette Wee format_quote   "Nice and patient services. Showing lot of cares and treat the kids very well. Somemore have Stellar Rabbit, certificate, balloon and sweets for the kids. Thank you so much!" star star star star star   Jaclyn T